Successfull Ones
HootersOn April’s Fools Day in 1983, six Florida businessmen of Florida came up with the idea of opening a restaurant in a beachfront warehouse. That was the concept behind the first HOOTERS restaurant. From that day, the brand for this unique casual dining experience has swept cities throughout the United States, as well as many overseas cities. Nowadays, there are 500 HOOTERS restaurants in 47 states around the U.S.A. -- and 20 other countries. In October of 2004, Shanghai Hengle Dining Inc. brought the Orange Storm to the Chinese Mainland. From 2004 to 2008, five restaurants were opened in Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, and Chengdu. The classic American food-and-drink menu, the healthy and fashionable casual style motifs, and the pretty HOOTERS girls, with good English in their arsenal, won over the patronage of young Chinese people – and even attracted trend-setting social celebrities to the venues. In the near future, HOOSTER will spread the seeds of happiness in more Chinese cities.
subwayCurrently, H&M has locations in 34 countries, with 73,000 employees, to realize its common goal: to bring you fashion and quality at the the best price. In the Spring of 2007, H&M opened two concept stores in the Golden Commercial Section, which is the Mecca for Shanghai’s sophisticated, style-conscious consumers. Following upon the success of the Shanghai stores, H&M has grown their brand to thirteen stores throughout China.
subwayThe birth place of Subway is Connecticut, U.S.A. Started in 1965, the brand is famous for its 6-inch and 12-inch sandwiches. At present, SUBWAY has 28,977 restaurants in 86 counties and is the world’s largest chain of restaurants serving submarine sandwiches -- and the world’s second largest fast food franchise business for a single product. Fourteen times in the last eighteen years, it has been ranked as No.1 among the Top 500 Franchise Businesses by Enterprise magazine, making it an icon in international casual dining. SUBWAY opened its first restaurants outside North America in December, 1984, and the franchise currently has 126 restaurants in China.
The Pizza Company
The Pizza CompanyEarly in 2001, the Minor Food Group created The Pizza Company in Thailand, and its debut unleashed a fierce competition with another brand that occupied 98% of the market. The first Chinese outpost of The Pizza Company opened in June 2007. A franchise agreement for the Changping District, Beijing, was signed on October 10, 2008. The first restaurant in Xian, in Shaanxi province, was opened on February 20, 2009. An exclusive franchise agreement for Jiangsu province was signed on February 20, 2009.