Six Systems
Electronic Business Platform Services:
The website of East Franchise ( is one of the leading industrial portals for franchise investment in China. The East Franchise database is a rich source of information for both franchisors and franchisees regarding the industry in China. Consulting services that are available through the business platform include: • Brand searches • Brand recommendations • Store location selection • Industrial news • Legal and financial services At present, the site averages a daily traffic of 30,000 hits from discrete IP addresses and 150,000 daily page views. The site has become a popular clearinghouse for customers seeking information about the franchise industry – and it is one of the most popular Internet tools among investors.
Exhibition Center Services:
The Exhibition Center is located just west of Shanghai. The Center serves not only as an all-day platform for exhibition, but as a place where franchisors and franchisees can meet, exchange ideas, and map out strategies to meet the needs and desire of their customers. The Center works with the most popular industrial portals and maintains day-to-day contact with the leading media groups in China to promote the international franchising model as a path towards affluence in China. As overseas brands expand into Chinese markets, the Center is there to help ensure that the lessons learned by franchisors and franchisees in Chinese markets are put to work for your success.
Consultation Services:
The East Franchise Center works closely with the Shanghai Business School to carry out deep research on the industry and provide consultation and training services. The Shanghai Business School was the first academy to extensively research the underlying strategies and outcomes of chain store businesses in China. Our joint venture, the East Franchise Business Research Center, serves franchisors and investors by guiding them through the regulatory environment, at both the national and local levels, identifying the features of their international franchising models that will work best in targeted markets, and suggesting modifications to better serve the current needs and desires of their Chinese clientele.
Training Services:
The East Franchise Research Center provides tailored service training that highlights • The parts of international service models that have been found to work well in Chinese locales • Regional service models • Localized customer relation management The Center also provides basic sales training in the classic chain-store business model -- and in advanced management skills training that emphasizes how grow market share and increase revenues by tracking and ensuring customer satisfaction. The Franchise College provides a diligent, intelligent workforce rigorously trained to serve the industry.
Real Estate Services:
Working with major real estate companies and developers East Franchise has created a powerful model that leverages the location and the capabilities of each store in the chain you are building. East Franchise has the resources to help you optimize your franchise business locations according to the requirements of local markets and their surrounding support infrastructures. East Franchise will work with you to create a real estate portfolio that reflects a deliberate, scaled strategy that give you the best mix of store sites to ensure your overall success.
Financial Services:
Working with investment banks, venture investment funds, and the government, the East Franchise Center attracts investment for the brand development of our clients. It also offers tailored loan programs for franchisees, according to their financial needs and requirements.